2014 Maa Productions

All music and lyrics written by Nightmarer.

Produced, edited and arranged by Nightmarer & Dan Swäno.

Recorded during 2013 in Geek Records by Nightmarer.

Mixed by Dan Swäno in Unisound Studios and by Nightmarer in Fireflowers Studios during January, 2014.

Mastered by Dan Swäno in Unisound Studios.

Artwork by Romain Barbot / iamsailor.com


Line Up.

  • Nightmarer: Guitars & Vocals
  • Jesus Villalba: Violin
  • Pablo Parejo: Drums
  • Jose F. Yuste: Bass Guitar
  • Daniel Maqueda: Keyboards & Grand Piano




一 We are all destined for grief

二 Orpheus mourning

三 Blow of loss

四 Together as one

五 When distance becomes real

六 Your wake

七 No pain at sleep

八 Nemesis

九 Acceptance

十 Farewell from distant shores