The Laniakea Architecture vol.2

The Laniakea Architecture vol.2

As Light Dies released eight years ago “TLA, Vol. I” (the acronym for “The Love Album”), a bleak, disturbing and agonizing bunch of love songs or, according to The Angry Metal Guy’s review, “something entirely unique and all their own”… As Light Dies shocked the metal sphere with what was later recognized as one of the best avantgarde black metal albums of the year…

And now is the time for a second chapter, for “TLA, Vol. II”, a new recording in which the band, with a strengthened line-up, spent almost two years of really hard work with the sole purpose of archiving the most complex and multidimensional album in their whole career, exploring yet unexplored and intricate corridors, but not only when we talk about music, also when we deal about feelings, emotions and obsessions…

In this new episode, As Light Dies propose us to join into a byzantine journey to the end of life and what remains eternally unaffected, the deep sorrow to the unknown, when the endless void approaches, the sailing towards transcendence, the ascension to the Cosmos and the final redemption, being part of the wonderful organized yet irrational structure, “The Laniakea Architecture”…
releases March 9, 2023

NHT (Oscar Martín): guitars, voice and synths
Jesús Villalba: violin
Miguel A. Guitierrez: bass guitar
Andy C: drums
Cristina R.Galvan: voice
Daniel Maqueda: piano
Sofía M.R.: cello and voice
Antonio C.Herrero: fado and low whistle
Alberto Martínez “Noviembre Nocturno”: voice in Celephais

Everything was recorded in Kadath Sound studios by NHT, except drums, which were recorded in Cadillac Blood Studios by Andy C. and violins, fado and low whistle, which were recorded in Aëstudio by Antonio C.H.
Mixed and mastered in Kadath Sound studios by NHT.

Artwork by Jesús Villalba in Strudle Arts.


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4 January, 2023