GEA. 206

2015 Brutal Arratia Records

Music: Oscar Martín (2006)
Produced, and mixed in Fireflowers Studios in 2006.
Remixed and mastered by Oscar Martin in Fireflowers Studios in 2015.
Recorded in Geek Records in 2006.
Remixed by Oscar Martín in “Fireflowers Studios” in 2015. :
Mastered by Phlegeton in Delta314 Sound Studio.

As fire swept clean the earth (Enslaved cover):
Original song:
Recorded in Geek Records in 2011
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swäno in Unisound Studios.
Music: Ivar Peersen
Lyrics: Ivar Peersen, Kjetil Grutle
Included in “Below the lights” released first time in 2003.
This song was published for “Önd: A tribute to Enslaved” released by Pictonian Records in 2012.
All arrangements by As Light Dies.

Line Up (GEA).

  • Oscar Martín: Guitar, Voice, Keyboards, Whistle
  • Daniel Pradillos: Drums & Percussion
  • Jesus Villalba: Violin
  • Jose Martinez: Bass Guitar
  • Cristina Rodriguez: Female Voice


Line Up (As fire swept clean the earth).

  • Oscar Martín: Voice, guitars
  • Jesus Villalba: Violin
  • Jose Yuste: Bass guitar
  • Daniel Maqueda: Keyboards
  • Chus Maestro: Drums


  1. Terra
  2. Gea
  3. Gaia
  4. As fire swept clean the earth (Enslaved cover)