2007 Mondongo Cannibale Records

Format: Album

Recorded in Summer of 2005 in Geek Record

Released by Mondongo Canibale in January of 2007

Another twist to our music. Exploring black metal and death metal esence, folk, and progressive music. A very hard, comtemporanean and eclectic work. 70 minutes of music with atmospheric intros. Mixing melody, technicism, with brutality and avangarde.

After three great successful demos spanish band As Light Dies offer us their first strike. Over 70 minutes of a new point of view over the weird, twisted and dark realms of black, folk, doom, progressive and death metal with reminiscences in bands as Ved Buens Ende, Opeth, Arcturus, Cynic, Pink Floyd and Anathema. Eclectic and avantgarde songs fulfilled with melody, awesome musicianship and brutality.

Line Up.

  • Oscar Martín: Guitar, Voice, Keyboards, Whistle
  • Daniel Pradillos: Drums & Percussion
  • Jesus Villalba: Violin
  • Jose Martinez: Bass Guitar
  • Cristina Rodriguez: Female Voice



1 – Crossing the Stigian Lake
2 – Out of the Cave
3 – Imprisioned Forever
4 – The Very Beggining
5 – Wierd, Imperfect Symmetry of Creation
6 – Peering Through the Reflection
7 – A Step Through the Reflection
8 – In Fearie’s Garden
9 – A Shine After Thousand Years of Dark
10 – The Temple
11 – Ode to a Dying Empire
12 – The Scourge of the Gods
13 – The Sinking of Atlantis