3 views of an end: A trip to nowhere

2004 Autoreleased

Format: DEMO


June/July of 2004 Geek Records

No avalaible for download, sorry.

Is really a trip to nowhere. A view of the history of As Light Dies. Old songs like “Defeat & Revenge” and “the music of Erich Zann”, but “Sailing to another world” was one of the new ones. The musical intros was an experiment. Finally we decided to incorporate them because seems that works fine with the atmosphere that we try to show.

Line Up.

  • Oscar Martín: Guitar, Voice & Keyboards
  • Sebastian Gonzalez: Bass Guitar
  • Daniel Pradillos: Drums
  • Inés Seisdedos: Keyboards
  • Erik de Cruz: Voice & Percussion
  • Jesus Villalba: Violin


1 – Before the Battle
2 – Defeat & Revenge
3 – Into the Unknown
4 – The Music of Erich Zann
5 – Sailing to Another World
6 – Shades Starving for Life