Ars Subtilior From Within the Cage


Our second album. The most experimental and contemporary work we have ever made.

The second full-length album from Spanish band. The band fuses death metal, dark metal, folk and gothic metal in their music combining growl with clean male and female vocals and adorning it with enchanting violin solos. The result would become a discovery for fans of heavy and beautiful music. Mixed and mastered during the spring of 2009 by Dan Swano in Unisound studios (Edge of Sanity, Novembre, Opeth, Katatonia, Theatre Of Tragedy)!


1 – The Very End
2 – The Disinherited
3 – Le Nebuleux Sentier
4 – Die Letze Fuge vor der Flucht
5 – Trapped in Flesh
6 – Yearning for Blisfully Moments standing upon the Ruins
7 – Sombra y Silencio
8 – Insignificant among Insignificance
9 – When Everything fades Away

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