New release with Darkwoods label

We can announce that the official release with “The Laniakea Architecture, Volume II”, the unexpected new passage in the As Light Dies expedition to the eeriest side of avantgarde black metal, is set to be released on March the 9th, 2023!!

As all As Light Dies previous recordings, “The Laniakea Architecture” implies a huge challenge for the listener, ignore it if you are looking for the new fashionable black metal album or the next generation of retro-satanic copycats… this is just the opposite, As Light Dies will dare you with an exceptionally ornamented compendium of intertwined extreme metal genres, with long and multifaceted songs containing a myriad of small elements that you will discover, little by little, as you dig deeper into the album…

So fix in your mind now this date: March the 9th, 2023, when “The Laniakea Architecture, Volume II” will finally arise from the infinite void… but stay tuned because, in just a few days, you will be able to preorder your copy and get access to some of our very exclusive offers on the Darkwoods website, starting on this next Wednesday, December the 7th!!