Óscar Martín «Nightmarer»

 Voice and Guitar, Founder Member


 About Me

Date of Birth: march 1979

Favourite bands: The 3rd & the mortal, Mike Oldfield, Ved buens ende, Dead Can Dance, the Beatles, Virus

Favourite album: Mike Oldfield’s «Ommadawn», The 3rd & the mortal’s «Painting on glass», The Beatles’s «Sargent Peppers lonely hearts club band», Dead Can Dance’s «Within the realm of a dying sun», Ved Buens Ende «Written in waters».

Favourite ALD song : Falling appart

Best ALD gig you remember: Le Havre, 2008

Last book you read: Foundation’s Edge (Isaac Asimov)

A film you like most: The Dark Crystal, Le haine, Into the Labyrinth, 2001, Apocalipsis Now, Citizien Kane, the Shining.

Past bands/other projects: Garth Arum, Aegri Somnia, Smohalla, Bloodoline, Hybrid, Ildur, Fatalitas Band & Der Kartoffelkult..