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New copies of our first album A Step Through the Reflection

» Very beautiful and diverse bleak and exciting, and I am 100% sure fans of various styles will be on this disk coveted piece! Frankly, I have not heard of such a long, fact and boldly declare musthave 100 %!!!!!!!!!!»

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The Love Album vol. 1 is officially released

«No pressure, though! Judging by this volume, it’s safe to assume As Light Dies will be throwing your soul into the vacuum of nothingness sooner rather than later.»

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A man who doesn’t take risk for his ideas, or his ideas are not worth, or he’s not worth as a man…


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31st As Light Dies​ ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (Avant-garde Metal)

31st As Light Dies​ ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (Avant-garde Metal): «All in all, The Love Album – Volume I represents a masterful amalgam of melodic, orchestral, progressive tones and harsh, intense extreme metal». http://avantgarde-metal.com/content/reviews2.php?id=832 Four years following the release of their critically acclaimed and heavily experimental second full-length album Ars Subtilior from Within the Cage, Spanish avant-garde black metal horde As Light Dies return with The Love Album – Volume I. The band’s latest effort sees them moving towards a more progressive and emotional sound, but one that’s no less complex or intriguing. Lyrically, The Love Album – Volume I is a concept album that explores the theme of love, grief and the tragedy that surrounds love stories, and a cruel reminder that everyone is destined to suffer day after day in many different ways. Musically, the album consists of five full songs and five interludes. This has been a strong, recurring characteristic in As Light Dies’ music. This time though, the band chose to limit those interludes to short dialogues that really set the tone for the dramatic story the album tells. The main songs are some of the band’s finest material, featuring outstanding avant-garde metal guitar work juxtaposed with moments of delicate, melodic singing and atmospheric sections. From «Orpheus Mourning» to «Farewell from Distant Shores» the listener encounters some very well-crafted songs in true As Light Dies fashion, which means heavy riffing, intense vocals and powerful drumming. To me, they seem to have taken a more modest approach to experimentalism this time around (although the palm muted guitar breaks are clearly a nod to modern progressive music) and this... read more

Interview with Robex Lundgren log

Interview with Robex Lundgren log http://ghgumman.blogg.se What´s the name of your band? As Light Dies. How was the band formed? Just like the other bands, a group of people who believed in the same project. Can you tell about your band? Yes, I could, but you have to be more specific. Where are all band members from?/Who does what in the band? We are from Madrid, but there are some members from Guadalajara. What was the ambitions of the band when you started? Just making some good music. Could you explain your music to someone that haven’t heard you? We an Avantgarde atmospheric math-metal from the arid and depressive plains of Iberia. Where was your first gig? In Madrid, 2003. Where was the latest gig? In Madrid, 2013. Who writes your songs?/Who writes the music who writes lyrics? Nightmarer Who has the best since of humor in the band? Strudle the Albino What are your songs about? About many things Do you write your own material or mainly covers? Our own material. Have you made any albums?/If yes what are they? We have 3 albums released. How old are you?/What got you started in music? I am 35 years old. I make music because I love it, and I wanted to do my own. At what age did you start playing? 9 years old, more or less. How old were you guys when you first stood on stage? 23 years old. What year was the band started? 2003 Best/worst gig you’ve played? Difficult to choose. What places will you be playing in in the imidate future? Nowhere. We are not playing... read more

30th As Light Dies ‪#‎tlavol1‬ (Zombia War Management, ES)

ALD demuestra como grupo lo que llevo predicando en el desierto desde hace mucho, mucho tiempo… y es que en este país de pandereta, e incultura musical, un grupo con la densidad musical que presentan «ALD» esta condenado al mas puro ostracismo cosa que hace que me hierva la sangre…

read more

29th As Light Dies ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (La Mancha Rock, ES)

29th As Light Dies ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (La Mancha Rock, ES): » la base conceptual del trabajo es el horror, el dolor y la pena que involucra a todas las historias de amor que continúa durante toda la escucha» http://lamancharock.com/2015/02/27/critica0128 En el pasado 2014 los madrileños A Light Dies publicaron su tercera referencia discográfica: The love álbum vol.1, con el que inician una saga de álbumes que les reafirmará en la escena del metal de vanguardia. Tras el inicial We are all destined for grief (01) a modo de intro arranca Orpheus mourning (02), una potente descarga de energía muy guitarrera y de corte pesado donde vemos que la base conceptual del trabajo es el horror, el dolor y la pena que involucra a todas las historias de amor que continúa durante toda la escucha. Alterna intros y temas a lo largo de tod el disco, como vemos con Blow of loss (03) y este ambiente oscuro en el que entra Together as one (04), que tras unos segundos conteniendo su potencia explota hasta arrasarnos en un completa descarga sonora. When distance becines real (05) nos lleva hasta Your wake (06), quedándonos claro que esta formación tiene gran influencia de corte europeo donde se abrirán hueco con esta entrega que es la tercera en su carrera donde continúa el breve No pain at sleep (07) y después Nemesis (08), una nueva muestra de sus tintes progresivos que eliminan cualquier tipo de límite. El último interludio lo pone Acceptance (09), conectando después con Farawell from distant shores (10), que cierre de este trabajo y es la última descarga de este quinteto madrileño que... read more

28th As Light Dies ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (NOIZZ Webzine, ES) (9/10)

28th As Light Dies ‪#‎tlavol1‬ review (NOIZZ Webzine, ES) (9/10): «No se si serán capaces de mantener el listón así de alto en el futuro, pero con este álbum desde luego han salido victoriosos gracias a su mente abierta y valentía creativa. Totalmente recomendado». http://noizzwebzine.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/as-light-dies-love-album-volume-i.html ¿Un álbum de amor perpetrado por una banda de Black Metal? Suena bizarro, pero eso es lo que hay detrás del nuevo trabajo de AS LIGHT DIES, el tercero de su carrera, al que han titulado “The Love Album – Volume I” y que lleva la firma del sello Maa Productions. Evidentemente se trata de una obra que explora la parte más oscura y trágica del amor, solo hay que ver la macabra portada que cubre el disco para intuir por donde van a ir los tiros, de modo que los más ortodoxos no deberían asustarse al leer el título y el concepto que hay detrás, o tal vez sí, y es que este grupo siempre se ha caracterizado por una visión muy ecléctica de lo que es la música extrema, consiguiendo en mi opinión resultados de lo más interesantes que en ocasiones suenan incluso más siniestros que los patrones estándar del Black Metal. Definitivamente con este disco AS LIGHT DIES han logrado subir a lo más alto dentro de las vertientes progresivas del Black Metal y el Avant Garde, no solo en nuestro país sino a nivel internacional, con una propuesta inteligente y retorcida a partes iguales que hará las delicias de los gourmets de los sonidos oscuros. Una sabia combinación que hace uso de estructuras progresivas y el punto bizarro Avant Garde... read more

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As Light Dies comes to increase the quarry of Spanish bands that, within the land ends, make that we can boast of having good scene. Although its history is already long. A Step Through the Reflection is the culmination in the form of debut of long duration, becoming one of the groups to take into account in the future.

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Ferrous Livingstones within the homeland metal … an imaginary village of magnetic dark progressive lines. The avant-garde tone that permeates these ten items, creates a disc between gothic experimental and highly recommended.

Mondo Sonoro

[…]to pretty avantgarde contributions from As Light Dies that do such a cool version of “As Fire Swept Clean The Earth” that it’s hard to understand how they did it. Who knew that song could be done as math-metal with violin and bossanova?[…] (interview at nrk.no/)

Ivar Peersen

Guitar, Enslaved

It’s always good when a band isn’t afraid to step outside the box and be a bit more adventurous, and that’s exactly what As Light Dies have done with The Love Album – Volume I. A highly recommended release.

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Since 2003

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