As Light Dies is a Avantgarde Black Metal band from Madrid (Spain) created in 2003, with the conception of playing eclectic sound tracks to evocate and inspire strong emotions in the listener, using tools as many genres inside extreme metal, folk and experimental music.

We are currently recording the fourth album: “The Laniakea Architecture” (TLA Vol. II) and we are searching for a label to release it next 2022.

We think that this is the album with the best songs and production that we have made.
This album is built by 5 songs and 4 interludes in almost 1 hour of atmospheric, emotional and inspiring songs. All this work is inspired by the love and death of Oscar’s father a year ago.

The influences of our music are really disaparate: Type 0 negative, Cynic, Devin Townsend, My Dying Bride, Nile, Shape of Despair, Brutal Truth, Arcturus, Ulver, Ved Buens Ende, etc.

YOU CAN LISTEN THE SONGS THROUGH THE SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER BELOW, and some videos of the singing playthrought. What you have here are not the final versions of the songs.