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Recording | As Light Dies

A small update

It´s about a month since we started the recording of The Love Album Vol I. at Geek Records and we still working on it… Now, drums are recorded, as well as violins, most of voices are ready too and is scheduled that keys will be start this weekend (No MIDI will be harmed during sessions). There will be videoblogs for every stage. (at the end of this article will be the first of the series) As well as the studio job, the band is working on the art and layout of the booklet, because as you must know, we consider that music and artwork must be together as one, it had to reflect the feelings and sensations, and the band is deeply involved on...
TLA vol.1 recording

TLA vol.1 recording

We are glad to announce that ALD has begun the recording of his 3rd studio album at Geek Records. Now Pablo Parejo is inside the box working hard on the drum recording, being overwatched by the rest of the band. We are not going to wish luck to him ‘cause he doesn’t need it. Pablo is a hard worker professional and we have for sure that he is doing a good...