As Light Dies will be playing at Madrid in Ruins fest with Foscor, Wrong and Kuturlat.

Recording the 3rd Album Everything is going as expected... get in touch!!

The Love Album vol. 1 is officially released

“No pressure, though! Judging by this volume, it’s safe to assume As Light Dies will be throwing your soul into the vacuum of nothingness sooner rather than later.”
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A man who doesn’t take risk for his ideas, or his ideas are not worth, or he’s not worth as a man…


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7th As Light Dies ‪#‎geaep2015‬ review (Neckbreaker, Germany)

AS LIGHT DIES haben „Gea“ bereits vor ihrem Vollzeitdebüt auf den Markt gebracht. Erstaunlich ist, dass diese Band bereits vor neun Jahren Mut zu relativ gewagten, musikalischen Ideen besaß. Fans der Band, oder Freunde des progressiven Black Metals und des alten Doom/Gothic Metals der Marke früherer ANATHEMA sollten auf jeden Fall ein Ohr riskieren.

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Madrid in Ruins

Por motivos de agenda ajenos a la organización y a las bandas, el festival Madrid in Ruins tiene que cambiar su su fecha de celebración al día 2 de noviembre y por el mismo motivo, ni Lux Divina ni Apocynthion estarán en el evento. En su lugar estarán Foscor y... read more

As Light Dies en Artea

As Light Dies han sido confirmados para la edición de este año del festival Crows Crowd en Artea. Estaremos sobre el escenario K a las 00:45 con la misma energia de siempre y esperamos veros alli SZENARIOA K 22:00 Shrapnel Meat 22:45 Abra ke Amputar –... read more


As Light Dies comes to increase the quarry of Spanish bands that, within the land ends, make that we can boast of having good scene. Although its history is already long. A Step Through the Reflection is the culmination in the form of debut of long duration, becoming one of the groups to take into account in the future.

Rock Total

Ferrous Livingstones within the homeland metal … an imaginary village of magnetic dark progressive lines. The avant-garde tone that permeates these ten items, creates a disc between gothic experimental and highly recommended.

Mondo Sonoro

[...]to pretty avantgarde contributions from As Light Dies that do such a cool version of “As Fire Swept Clean The Earth” that it’s hard to understand how they did it. Who knew that song could be done as math-metal with violin and bossanova?[...] (interview at

Ivar Peersen

Guitar, Enslaved

It’s always good when a band isn’t afraid to step outside the box and be a bit more adventurous, and that’s exactly what As Light Dies have done with The Love Album – Volume I. A highly recommended release.

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 “As Light Dies has created a true jewel in the crown of this year’s metal crop. Impressive is a gross understatement, this is one of the best of the year”.

(Dead Rhetoric, USA) (9,5/10)

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Óscar Martín

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